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1. Name: Theresa
Surname: Mastrobuono

21 December 2009

AbruzzoHouses was recommended by a friend...
2. Name: Steve & Karen
Surname: Mansfield

19 December 2007

We have just completed the purchase of our house in Civitella Messer Raimondo, in Abruzzo, through Abruzzo Houses....
3. Name: Gill & Kevin
Surname: Bonham

04 October 2007

To Everyone at Abruzzo Houses:
Our adventure started back in April, when we emailed enquiring about a...
4. Name: Doris
Surname: Finnis

13 September 2007

This is addressed to all at Abruzzohouses: thank you for your help before, during and after the purchase of my...
5. Name: Karen & Andy
Surname: Dodson

18 August 2007

We first contacted Abruzzo Houses at the end of January 2007 to get more information on a property we had seen on the...
6. Name: Nicola & Robert
Surname: Coomber

23 July 2007

this is a belated email to thank you very much for your hard work and help in our house purchase.

7. Name: Jennifer
Surname: Marshall

25 January 2007

Dear Abruzzo Houses,

It has almost been a year since our first trip to Abruzzo in March 2006. In...
8. Name: Rory & Sharon
Surname: Murphy

22 January 2007

I like to take this opportunity to thank Pierluca, Fabrizio, Marco and their friend Lucio to help make a distant...
9. Name: Steve & Jan
Surname: Wilson

25 November 2006

Dear Pierluca and Fabrizio

We cannot thank you enough for the fantastic job that you have done for...
10. Name: Neal
Surname: Flieger

25 September 2006

Pierluca, Fabrizio, and Denise:

Now that we've owned our house in Abruzzo for a several months,...
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